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A Property Manager’s role is far more complex than simply showing space, signing leases and collecting rents. In reality, the property manager attempts to generate the greatest possible net income for the owners of an investment property over the economic life of that property. Thus, the property manager has four goals:

#1. Achieve the objectives of the property owners
#2. Generate income for the owners
#3. Preserve and/or increase the value of the investment property
#4. Service the tenant


• Market rental property to minimize vacancies and maximize income. (Property managers make their livings because they know the rental
market and what comparable properties are renting for; they have the marketing know-how to reach qualified renters)

• Fill vacancies with the qualified tenants

• Maintain and keep rental property in good condition

• Track income and expenses to determine profitability

• Negotiate rental agreements

• Collect rent and secure tenant deposits

• Comply with federal, state and local laws and address any concerns

• Service tenant requests